Another iPhone 4G at your disposal, Stuart Hughes has put his love for gold and creativity to introduce the new 24 carat Sold Gold iPhone 4G. The new glittering model contains 150 grams of 24ct gold, for a price tag of $33,622. No word on

BELLPERRE, Dutch manufacturer of luxury mobile phones, unveils the new sleek luxury phone: High Tech Meets High Fashion .The company offers a chance to dress up the solid metal frame and steel buttons , the glass window is made of sapphire crystal, famous for its scratch resistance, and those who seek bling can opt for 18K rosé gold and 24K yellow gold finish. No word

CrystalRoc, famous for its dazzling creations has come up with a Swarovski studded version of iPad. Decked with more than 5000 crystals, the cases are made from a chrome finish hardshell plastic which is extremely durable and lightweight. Is it day to break your piggy bank?

Source : Crystalroc

Sony Australia has teamed up with Billabong to release a special edition of the Vaio W with a funky paint titled “Imperial Lime.” The notebook comes with Billabong content, including images and video from a new TV series featuring a selection of Billabong’s key surfing athletes.Sony is set to unleash the Billabong VAIO W in Australia in June for

The Zipper Bracelet Watch created by Andy Kurovets, consist of wide leather bracelet where the zippers display the current time when the central buttons on the wrist are pushed.Each zip displays a digit, which you are supposed to combine together to read the time. Interesting…but it