Nokia E-Cu Concept Phone by Patrick Hyland

The Nokia E-Cu is an interesting concept phone developed by London designer, Patrick Hyland. This mobile phone has an thermogenerator that converts heat from any source into energy, can be charged by the heat in your pocket or placed on top of a radiator.

Description from Patrick Hyland:

Nokia E-Cu (E for environment, Cu for Copper)
Heat-conductive charging system
Creating a Charger-free cellphone future

Annually, unwanted phone chargers produce 51,000 tons of waste in addition to the greenhouse gases created by the production of the electricity needed to charge them.

The Nokia E-Cu is a mobile phone charged by sources of heat therefore eradicating the need for a charger. The phone has a thermogenerator integrated inside, which converts heat energy into electric potential energy. It is surrounded by copper with engraved heatsinks in a dry earth pattern which represents the effect of heat on the natural environment. The phone can be charged by placing it on any source of heat e.g. a radiator, even inside a pocket.

Patrick Hyland via : Dezeen

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