Three new TAG Heuer Meridiist Phones Announced

Luxury watch maker TAG Heuer has announced three new models of its Meridiist phone. Meridiist phones come with 1.9 inch QVGA sapphire crystal displays, secondary OLED displays at the top, 2MP cameras and 2GB of internal memory ,same features on all but differ in their finishes. The Tag Heuer Meridiist Black Diamond is PVD-coated and is made out of 316L stainless steel, 18-carat pink gold, lizard leather, and 1.34-carat diamonds. The second model, the Tag Heuer Meridiist Stainless steel & Rose Gold is also dressed in 18-carat pink gold, stainless steel and leather (alligator), but it doesn’t have diamonds, and the last the Meridiist Python Gold Dust brings back the diamonds (1.3 carats) and mixes them with gold, East African green garnet, and python leather. Information related to the availability or pricing has not been released yet.

Source: Unwiredview

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