Embracing the Cold: Your Essential Work Wardrobe

Essential Work WardrobeWinter is on its way, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to hole up indoors until springtime (although some days it can definitely be tempting). For most, staying inside all day isn’t an option – there’s chores, picking the kids up from school, walking the dog, shoveling snow, and of course, going to work every day. However, with the right clothing you can conquer the cold (no matter how much you may dislike it) so that you don’t have to hide for the season.

Here is a guide to what you can wear to work that will keep you warm and looking great.

Layers on layers

Often, you’ll hear people complain that their offices crank up the heat during the winter. Maybe you think this is great, but for others, it can be uncomfortable because of the thick winter clothing they wear in order to stay warm during their commute. The solution? Layering.

A basic tee or long-sleeved t-shirt layered under a cardigan or pullover jumper can make a huge difference. The extra layers will keep you warm while outside, but if you get too hot inside, you can just remove a layer until you’re comfortable.

The right fabrics matter as well, so avoid layering using cotton tees as a base. Merino wool is the best fabric to help keep your body warm, as it wick away sweat, rather than letting it settle in the fibers and then freezing against your skin when you go outside.

The right coat

It goes without saying that the coat you choose will ultimately decide how warm you are if you’re braving the outdoors. A high-quality, down-filled coat is your best bet to fight against the cold and keep you toasty warm. Puffer jackets are a trend to watch for this winter, so don’t be afraid to buy a thick coat. High-fashion streetwear brands like JACK1T are exploring the puffer coat trend.

Depending how long you’re planning on being outdoors for on any given day, you may want to consider the length of your coat. Bomber jackets are trendy, but they might not provide you with protection from the elements the same way a bum or knee-length coat would. If you’re susceptible to the cold, a longer style might be for you.

Warm boots

It can be tempting to go for style over substance, but when it comes to cold temperatures, choose function over form and your feet will love you for it. If your feet are too cold for an extended period of time you can catch a chill which could lead to a full-blown sickness. Avoid the winter sniffles with a good quality pair of lined, water-resistant boots to keep your toes warm and dry for the whole season.


Don’t underestimate the warmth of a scarf and hat combination! Knotted scarves are all the rage this year on the runways, so bring this high fashion trend down to street wear level and stay toasty warm in the process. Say goodbye to those thin, silky scarves, and embrace the thicker woven scarf tied tightly in a knot around your neck. You’ll stop the cold wind from creeping down your neck into your coat, and you may even be surprised at how warm it keeps you – especially if you aren’t used to wearing scarves.

Another great accessory for both fashion and function is a hat. There are plenty of styles to choose from to suit your taste, such as a laid-back beanie, a wool hat, or a trapper hat. While it isn’t necessarily true that you lose most of your body heat through your head, keeping your head warm is always a good idea, so don’t forget your hat next time you’re going out in the cold.

Lastly, your hands are another part of your body that needs protecting once the temperature drops. A good pair of gloves are essential, especially if you’re commuting or working outside. Leather gloves are trendy this season and often thought to be the warmest gloves you can buy, but if you’re not a fan of leather, you can also get wool gloves that will keep your digits nice and toasty as well.


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