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Tall ships are large sailing vessels that get their name from their signature high masts. These ships have played crucial roles in human history, both in exploration and conquest. Today, these ships continue to be found on the waters and held by private owners. Tall ship races are held in Europe each year, with contestants competing over a course of hundreds of nautical miles in two racing legs.

Captivating Audiences

Tall ships continue to attract and delight people of all ages. Large numbers turn out for Tall Ship Festivals, held in Los Angeles and other cities around the world. Many people collect or build their own tall ship models. If you love these vessels, you can find wooden ship models of tall ships at Premier Ship Models.

Collecting Models of Tall Ships

People choose to display ship models for a variety of reasons, maybe because they are sailing enthusiasts, former sailors, hobbyists, or because they just enjoy the distinctive look of the vessels. Exquisite models can be found in private homes, restaurants, museums, and corporate offices. Collectors have the option of purchasing already built tall ship models + wooden model kits are available for you to enjoy the process of building the model.

Building Your Own Models

Tall ship model kits are designed for hobbyists to build on their own. Models are available for a wide variety of historical and tall ships, including well known and popular vessels. Building your own model can be a relaxing hobby and collectors often enjoy an extra feeling of pride when they display a gorgeous model that they crafted with their own hands.

Ready Made Models

Models that have already been built can be found for a variety of yachts, military ships, famous ships, and historical vessels. You can choose certain options for ready-made ship models, such as having the ship partially or fully painted, varnished, whether you want the sails rolled up or down, or select either brass or painted cannons.

Custom Models

A custom model is not built from a pre-existing kit. These models can be made from any vessel to the size of your choice. The people building custom models go through an intensive process of researching, designing and planning the custom model to ensure that it is an exact replica of the original ship. Collectors should expect to pay more for a custom model, compared to ready-made models, due to the extra work involved.

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