3 Styling Tips to Wear Pearl Earrings on All Possible Occasions

Pearls come with a feminine and charming aura since the dawn of time and it is not at all true that they are obsolete or old-fashioned. Contemporary designers such as Chanel have incorporated these precious little natural gems in sophisticated and complex designs that look nothing like what your grandma used to wear. A symbol of femininity and taste, pearls should always flatter your skin tone and features, adding elegance and refinement to any type of outfit.

Pearl earrings are the flagship piece of pearl jewelry. From the simplest studs to the most complex statement chandeliers, pearl earrings are perhaps the most versatile pearl pieces a woman can invest in. Precious (without being too flashy) and elegant (without looking dated) pearl earrings are the epitome of versatility. And because pearls have made such a huge comeback these days, let’s see how and where you can show off your pearl earrings for a stunning effect.

1. The Business / Office Environment and the Pearl Studs

For a business, formal and demure outfit, the best choice recommended by experts is considered to be pearl studs. In office environments, the best way to look feminine, powerful and sophisticated (without looking overly glamorous) is to wear a single piece of pearl jewelry – in this case pearl studs. If you pick white pearls, you should know they go great with any formal attire. The small barely visible pearls should highlight your face feature and compliment your skin tone. If you choose colored pearls in sweet soft pinks or champagnes overtones, try to match the pearls’ hues with the outfit. A professional pearl-based look asks for understated pieces, so it is better to avoid heavy pearl jewelry displays, especially if the business environment is rather rigid.

2. Casual Chic Environments and the Pearl Drop Earrings

Pearl drop earrings are more stylish than the studs and a tad more glamorous. This is why fashion experts recommend you to wear pearl drop earrings in elegant and casual chic environments. You can style up a timeless little black dress for a cocktail party or a fancy outfit for a classy date. When you pick pearl drop earrings make sure the metal finishing doesn’t clash against your outfit. If you take a look at the famous PearlsOnly pearl earrings you will see they come in sterling silver, white and yellow gold montages. A pair of pearl drop earrings can be worn to add some sparkle to a conventional evening gown, a cocktail dress and even a casual outfit with jeans and tank tops but make sure the pearl color and the metallic setting is the best for you in terms of skin tone, face shape and favorite fashion choices.

3. High-End Environments and Pearl Dangles / Chandelier Earrings


While a simple and refined evening gown works well with both pearl studs and chandelier earrings, your styling choices depend on how much attention you want to draw. Floor-long evening gowns in simple designs can be styled up with a pair of intricate designer pearl chandelier earrings or shoulder-long dangle ones. Elaborated dresses require more subtle earrings, especially because evening events allow you to wear other combined pearl pieces.

While it is not mandatory to match the pearls set with your outfit, this is still the easiest way to pull off a fabulous and elegant effect. However, black-tie parties, charity balls, fancy venue openings, opera night and red carpet movie premiers do ask for a bit of glam. This is why you can pick a pair of dangle earrings featuring Tahitian pearls (which are dark / black in color) or the rare and precious South Sea pearls which can feature silver and gold hues and overtones.

Pearl earrings are a statement of beauty and refined tastes. They go great with anything and – truth be told – pearl studs should be your first option, as they go with virtually anything, from running errands jeans and t-shirt to classy elaborate evening attire. If you are new to pearls, a pair of earrings is your best way to start falling in love with these gorgeous gems.

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