Cindy Crawford Unveils Her Anti-Aging Arsenal: Secrets to Timeless Beauty

Cindy Crawford shared her secret to ageless beauty in a recent interview with Violet Grey, and the revelation may surprise you!

“The secret is that there is no secret,” the stunning supermodel said. “Do all the stuff we know: Don’t smoke, get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, find what makes you happy.”

Simple enough, right? Of course, the 48-year-old supermodel has a few beauty tricks:

“I use SPF day cream every day, cleanser every day and night. I definitely use the night cream, eye cream and the Crème de Serum from my line,” she shared. “What I think is true is that [results are] cumulative. When a 35-year-old starts taking care of her skin, she won’t look different. It’s when you’re my age that you start seeing the payoff.”

Visit The Violet Files now to see Cindy’s full interview and the stunning photoshoot by Emma Summerton.


Photos: Emma Summerton/Violet Gray

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