Double Vision: Nicki Minaj’s Dual-Cover Feature in Dazed

Nicki Minaj mesmerizes the fashion realm yet again, gracing two captivating covers for Dazed & Confused’s autumn/winter 2014 issue. Shot by Jeff Bark and styled by Robbie Spencer, the “Anaconda” rapper seamlessly transitions between “Twisted Reality” and “Twisted Fantasy,” offering a glimpse into the diverse facets of her multi-dimensional personality.

“The idea was to convey two sides of her: a toned-down normcore Nicki, and then the poster pinup that we are all more familiar with,” explained Dazed’s Robbie Spencer, who styled her. “We really wanted to play with the familiar codes she’s become recognized for, but [we] twisted them so they become somewhat unfamiliar.”

Which cover do you prefer?


Photos: Jeff Bark / Dazed

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