Parlez Moi d’amour by John Galliano

Taylor Momsen is the face of John Galliano’s new fragrance, Parlez Moi d’Amour. The idea for the perfume comes from the realization that, “What with the internet, mobile phones and e-mails, the art of falling in love has lost its charm,’ explains Galliano. With Parlez-moi d’Amour, the couturier ‘wanted to create a perfume which combined a modern-day muse with the courage that it takes in the 21st century to write one’s feelings by hand, in a letter.” More images after the break. .

Director: Fred Eldar Gasimov / Agency: Kikaya /

Soundtrack : The Pretty Reckless – You.

Written by Taylor Momsen, Kato Khandwala and Ben Phillips.

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