Taylor Swift Is Alluring!

Country sensation Taylor Swift radiates beauty in floral prints on the cover of Allure Magazine’s December 2010 issue. Captured by the talented Michael Thompson, Taylor reveals her unique connection to fragrances, using them to evoke memories of past loves. Here’s what the 20-year-old singer had to share:

“Different smells bring different relationships to mind for me,” she explains. So if she wants to recall a particular moment more vividly, she can get an extra memory jog from her perfume collection: “I’d put on Abercrombie 8 to remember when I was in ninth grade and had my first boyfriend, because he gave me that.”

Of course, some of the memories really stink too. Taylor admits, “Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue is still a difficult one for me to smell.”

Exclusive behind the scenes interview @ allure.com

Photographed by Michael Thompson
Fashion editor: Paul Cavaco

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