Covergirl: Angelina Jolie for Vogue US

Photographed by Mario Testino , actress Angelina Jolie graces the December 2010 issue of Vogue US which hits newsstands on November 23. In the December issue of Vogue, Angie promotes her upcoming film The Tourist and yes, there’s an interview with her! The interview is long, and it was conducted by Vicki Woods.

On wearing black: “As Brad’ll tell you—and my kids—apparently Mommy only wears black,” she says. Because she was a Goth, right? No, she says, it’s utilitarian, it’s practical: “I like to get up so every pair of pants goes with every top, every dress goes with every shoe. I’ve a very tiny closet. Brad’s always laughing at me. Some days, yes, I have the nightgown that looks like a dress that I can sleep in and pick the kids up at school. And maybe take a meeting if I switch into heels.”

On The Tourist: The Venetian setting makes The Tourist a nice, gift-wrapped holiday movie. The financial skulduggery and beastly villainy has a British accent, and the knowingly high-Hitchcock look has Jolie wearing fabulous clothes (costume designer Colleen Atwood used an original Charles James day dress some people I know would kill for). Plus, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie go head-to-head for the first time ever. Depp in Venice! Who can resist? Their onscreen chemistry in The Tourist is quite swoony. “I suppose either you spark or you don’t,” Depp told me from the set of Pirates 4.

Visit to read the complete article from the December issue and a slideshow of Angelina Jolie throughout the years in Vogue.

Photos : Mario Testino / Vogue

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