Julianne Moore by Tom Munro for Allure Magazine

Julianne Moore sizzles in a stunning new photo shoot for November, 2010 issue of Allure magazine. Julianne turns 50 years old in December, but you wouldn’t know it from these photos. Highlights from her interview after the jump.

On finding herself modeling at age 50: “I like to call myself the hundred-year-old model.”

On plastic surgery: “I hate to condemn people for doing it, but I don’t believe it makes people look better. I think it just makes them look like they had something done to their face, and I don’t think we instinctively find that appealing. We think we do, but then when you look at somebody who’s had their face altered in some way, it just looks weird. We recognize emotionally that that’s not what we look like, that there’s something off. You don’t want to take away what makes a face look human.”

On getting older: “I’m always shocked by people who talk about not being middle-aged, I’m like, ‘How old do you think you’re going to live? Let’s double your age and see where you get.’ People are always like, ‘Thirty-five is not middle-aged.’ I’m like, ‘Double it.’”

Full interview and behind-the-scenes video @ allure.com

Photos: Tom Munro / Allure

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