Hi-Macs and Ora-Ito Sculpture Seat for 100% Design London

Renowned French design brand Ora Ito, created a sculpture seat using the Hi-Macs a next-generation solid surface developed by LG Hausys, for the occasion of 100% Design London, scheduled for 23 – 26 September 2010. Description from Hi-Macs after the jump:

Based on the “Simplexity” philosophy, or the art of giving a visible simplicity to a complex object, the iconoclastic designer Ora-ïto has turned the whole art universe upside down.

For the occasion of 100% Design London, He has worked for the very first time on a monumental piece of art, inspired by the limitless possibilities of HI-MACS® Solid Surface and the key values of its expertise: know-how, quality and innovation.

Exhibited for the first time worldwide in London during the 100% design show, Ora-ïto has created an inspiring monolithic HI-MACS® sculpture with an architectural feel, which performs at the same time a highly practical function: the structure of the sculpture reveals a seat in one unique fluid design.

As a real experience, art becomes functional and useful. The sculpture plays with HI-MACS® design possibilities- thanks to its seamless joints and thermoformed shapes- and shows all Ora-ïto’s vocabulary, a pace with the future and functional rationalism.

Source: Ora-Ito /Hi-Macs

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