Cameron Diaz in Balmain for InStyle Magazine

Cameron Diaz (in Balmain) graces the July 2010 issue of InStyle Magazine. Photographed by Michelangelo Di Battista in the Nevada Desert, Cameron looks great adding more heat to the desert in this photoshoot. Here’s what actress shared with the mag:
On dating: “It’s one thing when I answer questions for myself—it’s another thing when I answer questions and someone else is involved. It’s not fair to the other people in that equation.” (She’s casually been dating A-Rod.)

Kids in her future: “I can be a pretty good aunt, but whether I’m a good aunt or a crappy aunt is really not remotely the same question as me being a good parent or a crappy parent.”“Having children changes your life drastically, and I really love my life,” she says. “Children aren’t the only things that bring you gratification and happiness, and it’s easier to give life than to give love, so I don’t know. That kind of change would have to be either very well thought out, or a total mistake – a real oops!”

Photos: Michelangelo Di Battista / InStyle

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