The “Lullaby” chair by Sand & Birch

Lullaby is the latest creation by designers Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro from Sand & Birch studio.The chair boasts spacious design, a sensuous silhouette with its slender and bent shapes.
“Realized in varnished hard polyurethane and characterized by a wise, minimalist design giving to it a great movement and lightness, Lullaby is also a tribute to movie sets and suggestions belonging to our collective imagination, and the musical quote in its name is perfect for describing the energy concept of its shape.”

Designer/Manufacturer: Andrea Fino/Samanta Snidaro (Italy)
Inspired By: a song (Lullaby – The Cure)
Material: Adamantx or Varnished hard polyurethane
Colours: Black, White, Grey, Carbon Fiber

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