Jessica Alba Sizzles In Total Film Magazine

Jessica Alba
Here’s Jessica Alba in the June issue of the Total Film Magazine actually looking really hot, and dropping some cleavage (finally!) . Here are some great snippets from the interview:

On The Killer Inside Me : “Violence, death and killing not pretty, and I think maybe people have this idea that this homicidal maniac should do it cleanly and victims should jut scream and it’s over. But this isn’t a horror movie.”
On Sin City 2 : ” Nancy’s the sweetest by far of all the women, she wasn’t jaded at all – so it would be nice to see effects of her adult life on her. It might be fun to see when she gets her groove and understands the ways of the world.”
On Brittany Murphy’s death : “I wouldn’t equate what happened to her with Hollywood and being a woman. I knew her more personally than at work. It just seemed like such a shame that others people in the world couldn’t experience her light and brightness and her sweetness”.
On The paparazzi : “It is what it is. But if I don’t leave the house, I don’t get to go anywhere and there’s no point in doing that. I’m a person! I think if you complain about it you seem like an asshole. More of an asshole than if you just go with it. It’s not like you ever get used to it – it’s like having sex with the camera in front of you – it’s just as awkward!”
On Daughter Honor : “My daughter is so independent. No one’s going to stomp on her, no one’s going to tell her anything, she’s going to do exactly what she wants to do. She’s not a weak girl!”


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