Etcetera Restaurant by Jan Schreiner

Designer Jan Schreiner created a wonderful design concept for a restaurant called “ET CETERA”.I do enjoy how the colors flow ,this looks like a great place to meet some friends or go out on a date. From Jan Schreiner:

Restaurant ET CETERA is a trendy spot in the centre of the city, a place to have a business lunch or meet friends over dinner with delicious dishes and fancy drinks.

When working on the interior the main goal was to attract big volume of guests which can be achieved by creating a unique, unforgettable atmosphere. The interior design should make you fill at home.

When developing the project I was thinking about potential patrons of the future restaurant, I tried to keep in mind all their possible wishes and preferences in terms of comfort and coziness as well as modern trends in restaurant design. And also you have to consider the opinion of the client you work for.

Inspiration and search

Of course the first and foremost of any project is the informational contents and direction of thought. So the very first step was a research of modern trends that influence the taste of guests with the idea of the client vision in mind.

Any client wants to stand out, to be different. That’s natural and that was the key wish of my client. Having reviewed a lot of designs I noticed that the pink color and its shades were often present. So the choice of color was spontaneous but at the same time I kept searching for other options. And the more I searched the more I decided the choice of color was right as I saw it in graphics, fashion or anything related to interior design. Designers use pink and shades of it widely, furthermore in many designer blogs pink was proclaimed the color of the year.

When the “Light Festival” took place in Berlin a lot of buildings were also illuminated in pink.

Website: Jan Schreiner.

Thanks , Jan

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