Demi Moore in Alexander McQueen for Harper’s Bazaar

Demi Moore was styled in Alexander McQueen for the cover and inside editorial by Rachel Zoe and shot by Mark Seliger.The timeless beauty dons vivid colors and poses among animals, toys and balloons. Here are the highlights of the interview in the magazine:

On Alexander McQueen: “McQueen was a genius. I was always thrilled to wear his clothes because they were more than fashion; they were truly works of art.”
On growing older: “I feel better in my skin, 100 percent. That’s the tradeoff. You have greater effects of gravity, but the better sense of yourself you have is something I wouldn’t trade. Women who lie about their age – why?”
On the photoshop controversy over her hip on the W cover: “Okay, that is literally my shape,” Demi says. What bothered her, she says, “wasn’t that people were saying it was retouched, it was that they were saying my hip was so badly botched because a hunk of it was taken out. I called the photographers, and they said, ‘We did not touch anything on your hip, your thigh, or your waist. It was the position.’”
On whether she’d prefer being called a cougar or puma: “Cougar has become so distasteful. I really hate that expression.” She said recently that when it comes to her relationship, she’d prefer to be called a puma. “It has a sweeter quality, more elegant. And then somebody said to me, ‘Pumas are only for people in their 30s.'”
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Editorial: Demi Moore’s Dream Life
Fashion Editor: Rachel Zoe
Photographer: Mark Seliger

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