Ashley Greene Sexy For Interview Magazine

Here`s Twilight star Ashley Greene looking absolutely stunning in February 2010 issue of Interview Magazine in a sexy Eres bra and Oscar de la Renta jacket, everytime I see a photoshoot of her I start to like her that little bit more.And if you look real close (which I know you will), there’s some Ashley Greene Nipple action happening in the new issue of Interview magazine! Highlights of the interview after the jump:
MICHAEL SHEEN: Okay. This is my first question. This is the only really serious one, and then the rest are quite funny. The first one is: As an elf, raised by humans, have you found a lot of discrimination against the fairy folk here in Hollywood?

ASHLEY GREENE: Well, I think they`re just jealous that I sparkle and speak elfin and have cute little pointy ears.

SHEEN: It`s true.

GREENE: So, yes, there`s discrimination. But I really don`t care.

SHEEN: You do get described as pixie-like a lot. In my younger days, I used to get described as sort of elf-like. I think it`s probably a lot easier to deal with that if you`re a pretty girl, rather than a sort of average-looking boy.

GREENE: I`m sorry about your adolescence.

SHEEN: Thank you. Well, look, let`s take a second and go back to the beginning, Ashley Greene. You grew up in Jacksonville, Florida. Is that correct?

GREENE: That is correct.

SHEEN: Now tell me about Jacksonville. What`s it like? And could you please sprinkle it with some alligator stories?

GREENE: I`ve only eaten fried alligator tail once.

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Photos: Mikael Jansson

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