Claire Danes Sizzles in BlackBook Magazine

Fabulous photo spread. I almost didn`t recognize her. She looks very grown up and mature, I like the second photo of here in the jumpsuit and fishnets.  In the interview, Claire opened up about her upcoming marriage to Hugh Dancy: “While relationships are work, this just didn`t feel like it. It`s the kind of work that feels energizing rather than enervating. There`s that pledge, and people talk about it being claustrophobic but I find it the opposite. I find it very freeing to know that, okay, it takes constant nurturing and attention, but I can also stop looking for the one”that`s established. I can apply myself in other ways now. I have more time and energy to get sh*t done.” Check out the full article at

Photos: Sante D`Orazio/ BlackBook

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