Stylish Bluetooth Headset by Hermes Paris

Designer Emmanuel Laffon de Mazieres has created a new Bluetooth headset for Hermes Paris. The headset is called the Hermes Sonata, Its custom-built silicon earring, molded over your ear, makes it extremely easy to wear. You can wear it for hours and won’t even notice its there. Official description from Emmanuel himself: The Bluetooth headset Hermes Sonata offers the comfort of an ultra-light headset that perfectly fits your particular ear. Thanks to its openwork design and carbon use, Sonata is extremely light and discrete. During your purchase, a special silicon earring is molded over your ear so that it can perfectly fit it. Then it can be work for hours without feeling any kind of tiredness or discomfort. Sonata will become your everyday indispensible accessory and will give you a great sensation of liberty and security, remaining elegant and discrete.

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