John Galliano’s Debut Fragrance

John Galliano fans get ready to be thrilled. The world`s most sought after and beloved enfant terrible couturier for Dior cum the most eccentric and creative fashion designer the world has ever seen will be launching his first signature fragrance for his die-hard femme fans this year.It will be sold exclusively at Harrods, the scent is described by the attendants at the designer’s Paris launch earlier this week as light and floral. It is a combination of rose, lavender, bermagot, violet and amber. It will be available in three sizes, a body lotion, shower cream and body scrub.Prices vary: 90-ml. eau de parfum spray, 100 euros, or $158; 60-ml. edp spray, 80 euros, or $126; 40-ml. edp spray, 60 euros, or $95; 200-ml. body milk for 38 euros, or $60; and a 200-ml. shower gel, 33 euros, or $52, will be available at launch. A 150-ml. body scrub, 39 euros, or $62, will come out after the initial fragrance introduction. Source

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