Juana Peekaboo Skull Ring

During the Middle Ages, poison rings were used to store Holy Relics that were thought to give the owner protection from illness and bad luck. Later, during the Renaissance, poison rings became popular among the European aristocracy, who gave them as tokens of love. Like lockets for your finger, they were used to store cherished keepsakes, herbs, powders, and maybe the occasional bit of poison. Inspired by this history, Wendy Brandes has designed a line of poison rings for GiGi Caron. The Juana Peekaboo Skull Ring was named for Queen Juana ‘La Loca of Spain, also known as Joan the Mad. The diamond skull and crossbones cover opens to reveal a skull with large, white sapphire eyes. Made from 18k yellow gold, the ring sells for $7,000.

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