Vertu Ascent Ferrari GT luxury phone

The British cell phone manufacturer Vertu partnered once again with Ferrari to release the Ascent Ferrari GT handset. The phone is made of forged titanium with black and red hand-sewn leather ornaments. Available in a limited number of 2011 units the pricing details of this beauty are unclear, but considering it’s

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Karl Lagerfeld says Facebook is a “Flawless Object”

Karl Lagerfeld: ‘Facebook Is a Flawless Object … It’s for Me Like a Brancusi’. Karl Lagerfeld, Creative Director of CHANEL interviewed by Imran Amed at the 2010 International Herald Tribune Luxury conference in London for The Luxury Channel.

BELLPERRE Unveils the New Sleek Luxury Phone

BELLPERRE, Dutch manufacturer of luxury mobile phones, unveils the new sleek luxury phone: High Tech Meets High Fashion .The company offers a chance to dress up the solid metal frame and steel buttons , the glass window is made of sapphire crystal, famous for its scratch resistance, and those who seek bling can opt for 18K rosé gold and 24K yellow gold finish. No word

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Bellperre unveils Finest Woods luxury phone

The Bellperre Finest Woods is the latest luxury handmade handset from the exclusive BELLPERRE company. A visually striking design, the Finest Woods demands attention even the product name is spelled out in capitals.BELLPERRE cell phones are handmade in Holland, measure 100 x 44 x 15.5 mm at 120 grams , and can be customized with hand-polished Steel, Yellow Gold, Rosé Gold or Platinum.Not a word about

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Mobiado Professional 105 ZAF Luxury Phone

Mobiado has just unveiled their new luxury phone, the Professional 105 ZAF with a thickness of 10.6mm. The entire front and back of the phone has been crafted from large pieces of sapphire crystal, providing a modern minimalist look with a wear resistance second only to diamond.Some other features include a 2 inch 16 million color display,

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