Vertu Ascent Ferrari GT luxury phone

The British cell phone manufacturer Vertu partnered once again with Ferrari to release the Ascent Ferrari GT handset. The phone is made of forged titanium with black and red hand-sewn leather ornaments. Available in a limited number of 2011 units the pricing details of this beauty are unclear, but considering it’s

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Vertu Ascent 2010

Nokia’s luxury line Vertu have released an updated version of their Ascent , which features a 5 megapixel camera,preloaded maps for navigation, 8GB or 32GB of on-board storage and quad-band 3G. The device comes in aluminium or titanium bodies and is available in a wide range of colors from

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Vertu Ascent Ti Damascus Steel

Vertu, Nokia`s luxury phone division, has just unveiled a new phone from its Ascent Ti collection.Ascent Ti Damascus Steel was built using an “ancient steel forging” technique that increases the strength and hardness of the metal,the same technique to make Samurai swords. Specifications: a QVGA display, S40 UI, GSM/UMTS connectivity, a 3.2MP camera with

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Vertu Ascent Ferrari 60 mobile phone

When you say Ferrari, the emotions like speedy, sexy, racy and sleek are conjured. The second Ascent has made to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Ferrari. Unlike the Vertu Ascent Ferrari 1947 where 1947 phones were made only sixty will be made.The phone is priced €18,000 (about $25,370)Check it out at Nokia’s London, Paris, Singapore, … Read more