In the Spotlight: Gareth Pugh’s Studio Visit

London fashion star Gareth Pugh is interviewed by at his East London studio. In the film, Gareth discusses his upbringing in Sunderland and shares insights into what it is like to be mentored by Rick Owens.

“The best thing Rick Owens ever told me was how to say no, which translates to a lot of different problems and life circumstances, not necessarily on a creative level, but in many aspects of life. I think he means by saying that, you need time to be able to think. Rick tends not to do a lot of things that are outside of his world. You know he lives and breathes there, 24 hours a day, whereas sometimes with me, I really like to work on different projects, and sometimes those different projects can really get in the way of you actually seeing the wood from the trees and what you want to do with your own thing. So while the things I do outside of my main job help me develop and grow, I think sometimes it’s good to be able to know not to take on too many things. It’s like having a tight, tiny little packet of butter; to butter a whole loaf sometimes you are spread a little too thinly.”