Eva Mendes Reveals Her Secrets in Marie Claire – Must-See!

Radiating beauty, the alluring Eva Mendes graces the cover of Marie Claire’s March 2012 issue in an exquisite Dolce & Gabbana dress. Dive into her intriguing interview – here are some compelling excerpts!

On Go-to outfit: “I’m not a big jeans girl. Usually when I go out, it’ll be in a dress – something floral or ultrafeminine.”
On working with Ryan Gosling: “He’s your dream costar. I have never felt so creatively satisfied on a film.”
On diet and workout routine: “I run four to five times a week, mixing it up among distance running, intervals on a track, and running uphill on a treadmill. I don’t eat meat and stopped eating chicken — my skin has gotten a lot better.”

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Photos: Txema Yeste / Courtesy of Marie Claire