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Bang & Olufsen have released the BeoLab 9 speakers. They feature Bang & Olufsen’s special Acoustic Lens technology which allows the listener to hear perfect sound no matter where the speakers are placed in the room. That works out nice because the outward design (although they are available in your choice of four colors) is largely based on maximizing performance. But they’re also

Victoria’s Secret Angel Adriana Lima is a style chameleon. See how she perfectly pulls off each look, looking fabulous every step of the way. Adriana wears an atypically casual and colorful look from that season`s Gucci

This one’s for all you Buffy fans out there. Personally, I’ve never been into her, but after seeing these Alyson Hannigan bikini pictures, I think my mind may be changing. Sure, Alyson Hannigan isn’t much competition for Lindsay Lohan physically, except for maybe the freckles, but frankly, that’s a good thing. Check out

It seems that Britney Spears launch a new trend. The one named “Trashy Trend”. She stared to dress like a ho-ho-ho, and I think that she never takes those pantyhose off not even when she goes to bed. Good thing that she wears a bra with these see-through clothes, but it`s not going to take her long to take that off, too. I hoped for a change …and here it is…a change for the worse, I had in mind a better change, but…

Well, if ending the week with Lindsay Lohan’s cleavage was the right thing to do, then it stands to reason that starting the week on Jessica Simpson’s cleavage is a good idea too. Of course, while I applaud Jessica’s choice of dress for the way it makes her breasts look amazing. More pictures of