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The Metropolis Armchair, by Roderick Vos, uses geometrics to create clean lines and modern style. The “perfect balance was sought” between the seat and the back of the chair, and the frame is made of epoxy coated metal tubing. I must say, for such an airy design using so much metal, it actually looks pretty comfortable. But I think to pull it

Louis Vuitton ad campaign starring Gisele looks as luxurious as Louis Vuitton possible, featuring classic leather purses and an awkwardly positioned Gisele Bundchen.Like it ?

Actress Jessica Biel says since she has become famous, she cannot go anywhere without being recognized. “I can`t even go to the dry cleaner by myself anymore,” Biel says in an Elle magazine interview. ” It makes everything hard because you can`t even go to pick up a prescription without somebody trying to snap a photo of what you have in your Long Drugs bag. Thank goodness I`m a nice person.” Biel has been named the “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire magazine, which she said

This phone is in 24 carat gold and costs 8600 Euros. It looks nice, not great though. I would like to see how the back looks like. At his price, I expect it to be gold in the back as well.

Bulgari have gone into the cell phone accessory market with their recently released line of cell phone straps. Latest from the house of Bulgari, this luxurious strap is made of soft calf leather and palladium. The strap is available in Bulgari stores worldwide.