Inspired by the Burberry fashion accessory collection, Burberry introduces The Burberry Beauty Lip Charm. Three silver cubes embossed with the brand’s signature, one of which contains a gorgeous nude-beige lip gloss for top ups on the go. Like all good things

Mambamondo pendant born from creativity of Manuel Bozzi as a small amulet, a port-bonheur that wishes conquests and infuses trust and sense of affiliation. The designer, who always loves to play with the meanings and the symbols, one time more surprises us with a small treasure that represents with irony the earth and roots of everybody. A Globe pendant in sterling silver that truly represents a World of which the artist chisels the edges and commands the tides. Belonging to his typical art and

Alessandra Facchinetti
Luxury brand Tod’s announced today via Facebook, the appointment of Alessandra Facchinetti as Creative Director of Tod’s Women’s collections. We actually think the choice is perfect, would you agree?

If you are looking to create a truly unique piece of jewelry or have a business of your own where you make jewelry you may have an interest in getting precious gems to use for your pieces. Diamonds are always a popular choice and can be prefect to use in earrings, pendants, necklaces, rings, bracelets and other items. They add an elegance and beauty like few other stones can in the world today. Getting quality diamonds that you can use well is going to be very important to you so you want to make sure you have a reliable source that can provide you with the diamonds you want most. There are a few things you are going to want to know about loose diamonds for sale and buying wholesale loose diamonds.
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At present the Swarovski crystals seem to be everywhere, found in virtually any article of fashion to give them the coveted bling factor. This conceptual design by Peter Zsolt Koren presents a clock / bracelet shaped spiral that looks good either on the table or placed in the wrist. It comes with a unique system of rails that can be adjusted and buckling