The Glossy Lipstick Sofa is an extraordinary furniture piece by Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro for Sand & Birch.We are talking about an extraordinary sofa or should we say piece of seating that has been made by using glass and lexan with a clear silicone coating to seal the deal.The Glossy Lipstick Sofa is manufactured in limited edition, six pieces only.So,

Gaudi inspired Dutch designer Bram Geenen, for this seating design. The Gaudi Chair was created in the same way that Antoní Gaudi designed the structure of his churches,so letting gravity determine the strongest and most logical shape for withstanding forces. Absolutely beautiful, smart & inspiring design…

French design firm, La Cox has created this Speaker Table for KUBE Hotel Saint-Tropez. The UFO-inspired table integrated a complete sound system with Sound 360 technology. Cox has worked in collaboration with acoustician and talented speaker manufacturer Tabard Guy – Bellecour Sensations – to integrate technology “Sound 360” lines this furniture completely new sound is omnidirectional, clear and

The Octopus chair has been designed by Korean designer Samwoong Lee, I must say this is one interesting piece of furniture! Description from Samwoong Lee:
The material called natural mother-of-pearl has never a same color and

The Bloom pendant light designed by Ferruccio Laviani, for Kartell was unveiled at the 2010 Milan Fair is simply stunning! The fixture is composed of a polycarbonate tubular framework encrusted with tiny double corolla transparent flowers.The pendant light is produced industrially with the form and stylistic complexities of the unique hand-made artefact . Available in